First ever crypto Fund with Inheritance rights possibilities

IDACB Fund officially managed by IDACB

Team of analysts, consultants in the field of management, investments, crypto currencies, blockchain technologies

Worldwide network of experts connected to the investment process in more than 95 countries

The mission of IDACB fund is to develop the world blockchain market by


Selecting the best investment solutions for Crypto Assets


Providing confident strategies and fulfilling them properly maximizing profitability of investment portfolio


Optimizing investment risks

IDACB fund offers


Investments from $100k up to $10m


80+ country trustworthy guarantee


Stable minimum risk strategy (no trading involved)

White List Custody:

Control of assets by an international administrator fund

Crypto assets can only be moved within the framework of list of wallets


IFRS financial reporting

Enter/exit to USD through any banks, from any jurisdiction

Bubble protection:

Stop-loss tools

Automatic monthly withdrawal of the nominal value and/or profit on investment

Legal & Tech Security:

Strict, audited regulations and the best work technology with crypto assets

Eliminates the risks of storage and movement, risks under the scripts of the "insider", "threat of violence", etc.

Minimum exposition to exchange risks (by amounts and in time)


Crypto-custody procedure

Storage on "cold" wallets using the MultiSig technology, hardware security system

Risk Reduction (minimum exposure)

Corporate Structure of IDACB Fund

IDACB Fund Structure

IDACB Investment Products

IDACB Fund Products
IDACB Top Index Fund
Based on index of the cryptocurrencies developed by experts of IDACB fund
IDACB Trading Fund
Short – Midterm algorithm trading developed by experts of IDACB fund
Based on pre-sale and ICO/TGE stages projects investments
Description The fund seeks current income with capital appreciation and growth of income, by investing 100% of its net assets in top crypto currencies. Fund rebalance it assets every month, using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) investment algorithm. The fund seeks current income with capital appreciation and growth of income, by trading 100% of the net assets with 100 top crypto assets. Fund use machine learning mechanism to trade crypto assets. No human factor involved. The fund seeks current income with capital appreciation and growth of income, by investing in verified ICO project at pre-sale stage, located around the world. The maximum exposure is 15% of ICO placement.

Provision of investment risk reduction, focusing on top currencies with high capitalization, reliability and liquidity

Provision of investment risk reduction, focusing on current market trend. Trading major top 100 crypto assets. Long and Short positions. Stable yield curve due to strategy and assets diversification.

Provision of investment risk reduction, the date of leading rating companies, the network of IBACB fund experts are used for a depth expertise. Only the projects with the highest rating are included in the portfolio

  • Monthly rebalance
  • Mid- to long term
  • Regular rebalance
  • Short term
  • Regular rebalance
  • Short term
  • Up to 15% of placement
  • Pre-sale to ICO
Volume Up to $100M Up to $50M Up to $100M
Min.Ticket $100k $100k $100k
Lock-up Period 6 months 3 months 6 months
Management Fee 5% 5% 5%
Entrance Fee 5% 5% 5%
Inception Fee separately separately separately
Performance Fee 30% of monthly net profit Up to $300k – 40%, from $300k to $1M – 35%, from $1M – 30% of monthly net profit 30% of monthly net profit
Fee Payment monthly monthly monthly

IDACB Top Index Fund Over BTC Performance

2017 2018 up till now max DD% (mnth) max Profit% (mnth)
IDACB Top Index Fund 3975,81 -23,06 3058,68 -51,47 267,7
BTC buy and hold 1160,65 -34,92 755,31 -46,95 72,06

IDACB Trading Fund

IDACB ICO FUND invested in this ICO projects

IDACB fund benefits


Reliability of diversification driven by 80+ country experts


First ever inheritance rights possibility


More profits than just buy and hold BTC

IDACB Asset Management

Currency / Benchmark:
Cyber Security:
5 Multi Signatures
on 5 Continents
Cayman Islands,
Risk Profile:
100% LGD


KYC Individuals KYC Non-Individuals

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Disclaimer – Investment risk

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