IDACB Trading fund strategy

Trading is made automatically using machine learning algorithms. It works 24/7 adopting to the current market conditions.

Professional traders know that there are three different case scenarios:

  1. Uptrend
  2. Downtrend
  3. Sideways

Usually there are different strategies for every type of market behavior. You can switch it on/off when you see that market is performing the way where your strategy works best. The hardest part is choose the appropriate strategy and switch between them.

IDACB Trading fund strategy doing it fully automatically without human factor. In uptrend - system would automatically choose the appropriate strategies, which are performing best at that kind of market. If trend would slow down, or going backwards the algorithms would switch to different strategies – adopting to the current market conditions. In sideways the system would choose the swing trading methods. The system can go LONG (buy cheap and sell high) or SHORT (sell and buy it back cheaper). It does have a risk management on every trade. It is monitoring positions 24/7 as always online. That is why even on the fallen market IDACB Trading fund strategy have showed more than a 100% income. That huge percent profit gained due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Obvious, that crypto moves faster than a regular market. That is why with appropriate strategy you can have triple digit yield.

Talking about safety of funds and transparency of result please note that the money is on YOUR crypto exchange account – and all you give fund is API access for making trades without a withdraw possibility. That means that you are the kind of your account and do not have to transfer funds to any 3rd party accounts.

If you are just holding BTC and do not want to sell it you can take finance against your position and trade on the cash received without selling your BTC.

Although the investment starts from $100k we can suggest you to get a trial on smaller amount.

How is it working?

  1. Open the account
  2. Transfer funds
  3. Get API access (without withdraw possibility) from the Bitfinex
  4. Sign contract with


  1. Set up fee – 5% up front
  2. Management fee – 5% (this is yearly fee charged every month 5/12 =0.416%)
  3. Success fee (monthly) vary from deposit. 100k-300k – 40%, 300k-1m – 35%, over 1m – 30%

IDACB Trading Fund


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